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Analysis on Transport costs

The today’s transport costs are hardly controllable. Due to a wide range of different tariff-models plus extra charges such as highway tolls, fuel surcharges and other side costs the overall transparency of the external freight billing is disappearing.


  • Neutral and transparent overview about your actual costs and processes
  • Realistic expertise about the potential savings
  • Improvement of effectiveness in respect to processes
  • Professional concept on a future structure
  • Without investment of personnel resources
  • Suggestion of measures for implementation

External cargo and logistical costs „hide“ a remarkable saving potential !

Requests for quotations

In no other business segment savings can be realized as quickly and effectively as on the freight and logistical costs.


  • Transparent and neutral tendering
  • Extensive comparison of prices/offers
  • Professional and independent evaluation of service providers on price/ratio performance
  • Consulting fee based on saving level achieved
  • No long-term contract.

Together with our help you will find an adequate partner inside the local, national and international logistic field !



Many service providers offer specially designed IT tools to their customers in order to process the shipping/transport orders. These tools are created to cover the requirements of the transport company/freight forwarder and not necessarily to cover the needs of the customer as well.
We have developped an IT-program which covers the requirements of the customers and is at the same time employable with different and multiple transport service providers in the sectors :

  • Overland transportation
  • Air- and Seafreight
  • Express/Courier services
  • Interfactory transports.

The principle parameters are :

  • Generate (or import from ERP’s) and process of transport orders and electronic data transfer to the service providers
  • Management of quotations/freight costs and side charges such as road toll, fuel surcharges. Standardized parameters for freight calculations based on a weight/volume comparison
  • Controlling of freight billings and reclaiming of wrong invoicing ( semi-automated)
  • Automatically generated freight crediting
  • Controlling features and management reporting systems Internet based requests for quotations ( RFQ’s)


  • No purchase – utilization within the scope of a license contract
  • No investments for server hardware and licenses
  • Projectable costs- termination on a monthly basis
  • Adoption to all popular intersections/interfaces
  • No system maintenance and update efforts
  • Generation of statistical data and reports for controlling purposes
  • Unlimited number of terminals/work places
  • Installation in different branches – enterprise wide
  • Reduction of staff resources

High transparency of transport and logistic costs through a continuous management reporting !



Optimization of processes

To manage the internal and external processes takes time and absorbs personnel and other resources. Too many operational structures have slipped in over time and need to be put to the test continuously.

We identify through a logistic check-up the current status on

  • Placement of orders with service providers
  • Time definite and special transports
  • Management of transport packaging/pallets
  • Interfactory transportation
  • Management of transport claims
  • Management of quotes/proposals
  • Revision of freight invoices
  • Transport insurance
  • Freight controlling
  • We prepare a list of measures to be taken which will be put into practice in co-operation with the staff involved,after prior approval of the customer


  • Revealing of weak points in the transport/shipping processes
  • Transparent and realistic description of measures of optimization
  • Cost conscious operating of all departments involved
  • A professional freight cost controlling (incl. management reporting) is fundamental for all further planning of alternative strategies
  • Improvement of competitiveness and effectiveness
  • Employees will be involved in the project and can contribute with their ideas
  • External assistance makes it easier to optimize/change operational structures
  • External support guarantees the sustainability of the project
  • New structures and modalities will be reviewed/checked on a regular basis

We optimize the processes throughout the entire transport chain !



Logistics, even the internal logistics, is apparently a pure “supply of services”.

Supply chain:

If your company´s wide planning and coordination stagnates and your attempts to optimize the flow of material, information and data throughout the entire value chain do not work, it is strongly recommended to reorganize your supply chain.

Internal and external logistic processes:

BPR, TQM, KAIZEN, SIX SIGMA, LEAN MANAGEMENT, KVP just to name a few. There are many options to optimize processes in a company.

Interim management:

In case of lack of time and/or own capacities, it could be reasonable to draw back on an interims management. We provide practically oriented managers with good theoretical background.

  • Intersectoral knowledge and expertise
  • Fast allocation of competent personnel
  • Independent, autonomous position
  • Sustainability-review of concluded tasks/jobs done


  • Fast know-how transfer
  • Effective support on finding solutions to a problem
  • Scheduled costs
  • Timely implementation of appropriate measures (optimization)

As an innovative, hands-on and competent team/network we optimize your logistic processes and your supply chain!


Freight cost revision

Do you adapt your logistic costs on a promptly and continous way to market level and/or are the additional charges and special service costs of your forwarding agents easy for you to understand ?

We check and analyze your bills in respect to :

  • Wrong invoicing and high additional charges
  • Market level, comformability to the quotation
  • Possibility of reclaiming logistic and transport costs if inflated and unjustified.


  • Competent revision
  • Transparency of your external freight costs
  • Reduction of own staff resources.

The “creativity“ on certain invoices knows no limit and costs your money !


Training courses

Our long year experience shows very clearly that the employees concentrate more on their core compentencies and invest only little time on the transport and shipping functions and it‘s later impacts/consequences.
In order to clarify the understanding about the logistic processes we offer in-house trainings in following categories:

  • Organisation of transports and shipping
  • Price-negotiations with service providers
  • How to create performance specifications
  • How to optimize the daily business processes


  • Identifying potentials/optimizations and synergies
  • Decentralized transport and logistic know-how
  • Pre-condition for a cost conscious attitude
  • Specific knowledge for a professional co-operation with customers and suppliers
  • Improvement of the basis for negotiations with service Providers

Consultancy services around the logistic and transport activities !


Customs and Foreign Trade

Constantly changing rules and regulations around the border crossing interchange of goods (customs/foreign trage/tax rules and regulations) make it quite difficult to follow and adhere to all valid legal provisions.

All failures in this respect may result not only in severe direct financial consequences (fines, cancellation of tax refunds, withdrawl of Permits, insolvency) but may also result in the relevant authorities lanching preliminary investigations. In Addition, repeaded rule violations could result in a loss of confidence and trust from customers and authorities.

We Support our costumers in:

  • Tax- and Customs-Management
  • AEO and other certifications and accreditations. Application of licenses and Permits
  • Professional Support of external audits
  • Protection against Duty and Tax claims
  • Representation in front of european courts
  • Defence of financial criminal proceeding
  • Origin of goods and prefential agreements
  • Refund procedures
  • Export controls
  • Prohibitions and restrictions for goods trafic
  • Antidumping


  • Up to date Level of knowledge
  • Greater legal security
  • Trainings
  • AEO-Monitoring

Consulting and Support to adhere to the valid rules and regulations saves the customer personnel resources which he can invest in ist core competencies !